Most Successful Franchise Businesses in History

The franchise model is one that allows businesses to quickly expand across the nation and the world, and it has certainly lead to a number of highly successful businesses. Listed below are the three biggest franchises in the world today.



In recent years, healthy foods have been trending sharply upwards in their popularity as people strive to live more health-conscious lifestyles. This trend has set Subway – a restaurant that markets itself as a healthy alternative to fast-food – in a great spot to be one of the best franchises in recent years.



With 56,439 locations across the globe, no franchise has more stores than 7-Eleven. The convenience store rose to success based off of its wide selection of products, low prices, and immediate recognizability. Today, 7-Eleven stands as one of the top franchises of all time.



No list of the top franchises would be complete without mentioning McDonald’s. The fast food giant has 36,899 locations across the world and brings in billions of dollars in revenue each year. The only challenge for someone wanting to open a McDonald’s restaurant is finding a spot where there isn’t one already.


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The franchise model is one that has certainly led to a number of highly successful businesses. While the three franchises listed above are three of the top franchises of all time in terms of the number of locations they have and the amount of money they bring in, there are still hundreds of other franchises that are bringing in tons of revenue and making their owners very wealthy entrepreneurs.

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