Why Start a Franchise Instead of Going in Solo?

Whether you’re starting a coffee shop on your own or are considering buying a franchise, the risks and rewards are going to vary. Before making this big decision, it’s important to consider your level of experience, your creative talent, your financial budget, and the amount of start-up responsibilities you want to shoulder. Everyone has different strengths and limitations, and purchasing a franchise can give you a head start in opening your business that an independent owner will never have.

Initial Responsibility

Unless you’ve been in the business for years, owning a coffee shop can be a confusing whirl of responsibilities when you’re starting out. Details from branding to a coffee shop business plan can make or break your business, and a good franchise will have all that arranged for you.

Money, Money

How much do franchise owners make? It depends on your hard work. While it’s true that franchisees have to send a percentage of their monthly income to the parent company as franchise fees, the extra business you’ll get by being part of a franchise will often make up for that fee or more. One of the hardest parts of building a business is getting the initial loyal crowd; national franchises often come with their own audience, ready to spend money in your shop the minute you open your doors.


Most independent coffee shop owners open their shops after years in the business. If you’re thinking of opening, for instance, coffee shops San Antonio, a franchise company like Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii will help to train you to run your own shop, eliminating the need for years of work in the field.

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