How is Coffee Made?

Coffee goes from seed to cup in the process of coffee production. While different coffee production methods vary across the world, many of the elements of coffee production can be summarized into a few different steps. Planting Coffee Coffee beans are actually the seed and when it’s dried and ground up, it becomes the coffee…

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How To Start a Coffee Shop Business

Coffee shops can be an intimate setting for a date, a place for reconnections to occur, a central place for business to be planned – they are very personal. Over the past several years the coffee shop industry has exploded, giving opportunity to entrepreneurs to capture value by creating and running their own coffee shop.…

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Coffee Shop Business Plan & Marketing Ideas

A strong coffee shop marketing plan contains key elements that will not only build loyalty but also expand the average transaction price. Coffee shops can often find themselves selling $3-$6 products, but the question that most coffee shop owners want to answer is, “how do we turn a $4 sale into a $10 sale? Not…

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