Customer Service: How to Build a Healthy Rapport with Clientele

A successful coffee shop business plan must include strategies for building rapport with your customers. One way to ensure customer loyalty is to ensure all customers receive the best service possible. In fact, a Bloomberg article cited a survey that found 51 percent of consumers stopped visiting a business due to receiving poor service just one time.

Great Customer Service Tips for Building Rapport

Let Your Customers Know You are Always Thinking of Them

Establish a web page, Facebook page and Twitter account for publishing newsletters, sales announcements, discount coupons and even happy birthday greetings to regular customers. Invite customers to send tips about what you could do to improve your coffee shop business plan or make their experience in your coffee shop even more satisfying.

Give Your Customers Something Other Coffee Shops Aren’t

When they go to coffee shops Houston residents expect delicious coffee and, in most cases, have that expectation fulfilled. But what else would they like to expect? While developing your coffee shop business plan, consider visiting area coffee shops to see what you might be able to offer those shops can’t or aren’t offering. After opening your business, create a short survey for customers to take that ask them what they would like to see included in their coffee shop experience.

Don’t Neglect Your Social Media Outlets

If someone tweets to you, posts an FB message or emails your business, respond to them as soon as possible. Remaining engaged with customers shows you appreciate their patronage as a loyal customer and value their input.

Finally, building rapport takes effort, thoughtfulness, and patience. Introducing yourself to all customers and engaging in “small talk” is essential for increasing your reputation as a coffee shop that truly cares about people and their coffee.

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