Coffee Business Marketing Ideas

Coffee shop owners have a unique marketing advantage – namely, the fact that people love coffee. Still, there are several coffee shop advertising ideas that can help you boost your business even further. Outlined below are four interesting coffee shop ideas that you can put to work right away.


Free Samples

The one thing people love more than coffee is free stuff. If you are in a location that sees a lot of foot traffic, offering free samples is one of the best coffee shop marketing ideas to take advantage of.


Leverage the Internet

Just because you aren’t selling products online doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of internet marketing for your coffee shop. By building a web presence, you can make it so that your coffee shop shows up for lucrative web searches such as “coffee shops near me”. What’s more, social media pages can be used to engage with your customers and attract repeat visitors.


Sponsor Community Events

Community events are always looking for sponsors, and since coffee shops are a very community-oriented business, sponsoring a local event is often the best coffee shop advertisement that you will find.


Make a Sidewalk Sign

Chalkboard signs with a funny message on them are all the rage right now. Not only do they cause people to stop and examine your storefront, the best, most creative ones will often be photographed and shared on social media. Sometimes these photos will even go viral. Of all the coffee advertising ideas that are available, making a sidewalk sign is both one of the most affordable and effective.


Start marketing your own franchise

Savvy business owners have no shortage of coffee shop advertising ideas available to choose from. By taking advantage of the coffee advertising ideas outlined above, you can start bringing more people into your coffee and shop and growing your business.

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