3 Reasons to Start a Coffee Shop

One of the top franchises in Texas is coffee shops. With more than 70 percent of Americans declaring their unconditional need for a cup of coffee in the morning, it is no wonder coffee shops are in the top 10 of start up business pursuits. The maturing of the millennial generation from drinking Yoo Hoo’s and Squeezits in the 90s to regular and specialty coffees has fueled the flourishing of coffee shops in Fort Worth, Dallas, Austin and throughout Texas.

Why Learn How to Become a Franchise Owner?

Be Your Own Boss

When you purchase a coffee shop franchise for sale, you will make ALL decisions regarding the operation of your business.  That includes who you hire, how you decorate your coffee shop, what types of coffee you want to serve and when you keep your shop is open. You can indulge your unique business ideas, creativity and visions of being a lifetime owner of one of the most popular coffee shops in Fort Worth and elsewhere in Texas. Everyone dreams of being their own boss. Why not make that dream a reality?

Coffee Shops Make Money

In addition to water and milk, coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the U.S. Research studies consistently touting the health benefits of coffee have also spurred sales of specialty coffees and the creation of high-end coffee makers designed to create the perfect cup of coffee. According to Statista, coffee retail sales reached nearly five million dollars in 2015, an amazing number that actually increased in 2016 to almost 5.2 million dollars. Industry experts expect that amount to continue rising in 2017.

You are not Limited to Owning One Coffee Shop Franchise

Once you have made a great success of your coffee shop start up business, you can expand by purchasing another shop in another part of the area you live in. In fact, that’s how Starbucks began. And look where that business is now!

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